gopher control blasters

Information on propane and oxygen rodent gopher control exploder blasters


When I heard about a devise that would inject propane and oxygen into a rodent tunnel and would ignite it blowing up the critter inside, I thought I have to see this! The squirrel / gopher control blaster products are very easy to use, and a lot quicker than traps, poisons and shooting . They inject a precise mixture of propane and oxygen deep into the rodent burroughs and then ignite the mixture causing a rapid expansion explosion ( 6000 feet per second ) which kills the rodent inside their tunnel by quickly crushing it and collapses their tunnel. Sounds nice huh?

I spent a lot of time researching these products ( since they are a pricey investment) There are 2 different manufactures that I found

The first thing that I will tell you is that you want a remote detonating type gopher control system unit (which is my preferred choice as you are 20+ feet away from the blast) Their are some similar units on the market that you stand on top of the tunnel and hit the button ( which puts you very close to the explosion) While this is very functional devise which works as good as the others , it is not as fun to be inside the blast zone getting hit with rocks, dirt, sticks and what ever else is in the hole. It has got to be safer to be a distance from the blast!

Two different company's that I found manufacture these remote products: R2 by Cost is $2999 and the Gopher Control Hot Shot Remote made by is $1499.

I have used both products and found them to be similar in quality and performance.

Both company's offer trailers for hauling around your new gopher and ground squirrel killing machine and also have good warrantees.